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  • Mike Vopni (Thursday, March 06 14 12:26 am EST)

    Hazel and Joseph, This is Mike Vopni. I have tried to email you but it does not go through. Please send your email address to

    Thank you

  • (Sunday, February 09 14 07:26 pm EST) are u? where are u now?I miss u I love u too this is my comment

    your friend:
    hazel and joseph

  • Laurel (Friday, October 18 13 11:00 pm EDT)

    WOW! You Vopnis sure got more than you bargained for with searching out life experiences! Soooo glad to hear that you are all safe. Hugs to you all from Laurel (Mrs Russell) and Neil (Mr Russell)

  • Carolyn Duncan (Friday, October 18 13 12:11 pm EDT)

    We are so glad you are all okay. Wishing you luck in your travels. Your neighbours, the Duncans.

  • Wendy Chapot Nunn (Friday, October 18 13 01:38 am EDT)

    Glad you guys are safe! Love the website!



  • Wendy Mulligan (Thursday, October 17 13 09:01 pm EDT)

    Wow! So glad you guys are all safe and sound after the big quake. What a great adventure you're having. Big hugs to Caitlin and James! xo

  • Michelle Johnson (Wednesday, October 16 13 09:56 pm EDT)

    Thanks for the pictures POST earthquake- it is good to see with my own eyes that you are all safe and sound. It does seem so surreal that you were there and experienced that. SOOO glad you are all

  • Andrea Carlson-Vinish (Wednesday, October 16 13 09:16 am EDT)

    We love and miss you Vopni family and think of you often. We are so relieved to hear that you are safe. Caitlin...Makenna misses you and sends her love!!

  • Yvonne Nagy (Wednesday, October 16 13 12:00 am EDT)

    So glad to hear you guys are all safe! I thought of you when I heard of the earthquake. We are loving your photos and blogs! What an amazing adventure! Stay safe!

  • Libby (Tuesday, October 15 13 12:45 pm EDT)

    Haven't stopped thinking about you since I read the news about the earthquake. So glad you are all safe. What an adventure! Love you all!

  • Kevin Vopni (Tuesday, October 15 13 12:25 pm EDT)

    Glad you guys are safe.
    Love you.

  • rogel aldriech adolfo (Monday, October 14 13 08:27 pm EDT)

    hai to all vopni family my brother mark joseph tubosa and my neighbor hazel salatan they dont have facebook so i help them how to contact you we will miss you and happy trip...

  • rogel aldriech adolfo (Monday, October 14 13 03:41 am EDT)

    from mark joseph and hazel salatan and also to me thank for the time that you gave us we will not forget the family vopni i hope that you will come back to sea dream and we will play again we love

  • Judy Tobias (Tuesday, August 27 13 11:01 pm EDT)

    WOW...What a great adventure! Had lunch with Fran and she told me about the site Great photos and such a beautiful family. I hope you will have a presentation on your return as I so enjoyed the one
    you did years ago and all the great pics from Africa. Judy, aka Travel Clinic Nurse. P.S. Thanks for mentioning us. Enjoy and safe travels

  • Mackenzie D. (Tuesday, August 27 13 12:43 pm EDT)

    Can't wait for your next updates.. Looking forward it. Kinda miss all of you... Cheers!!! ^.^

  • Brydon Roe (Tuesday, August 06 13 05:18 pm EDT)

    Loving the Photos guys...I keep checking once and awhile.
    We want to hear all about it someday.
    Love the Sailing with it looks like Mikes shirt for a Sail!!

  • Lizard (Friday, July 26 13 11:01 am EDT)

    Awesome pics, you guys. Looks like you are embracing every opportunity! Keep the updates coming and continue to travel safe. Big hugs!

  • Judy (Wednesday, July 17 13 08:55 am EDT)

    Happy to see you guys are having such a great time I'm fearfully curious about sleeping and rodents Trace. My biggest fear! Yikes! Slow down and still have lots of time. Love j&A

  • DAD (Sunday, July 14 13 09:09 pm EDT)

    Very impressive.Show some dates for future reference. A wonderfull bonding experience Thx for the update Love to all DAD

  • MARK (Monday, June 17 13 12:03 pm EDT)


  • Grampa Richard (Saturday, June 15 13 02:09 pm EDT)

    Lucky Sox .A great way to see the world.He helps make interesting and memorable pics.

  • Grampa Richard (Saturday, June 15 13 12:59 pm EDT)

    Sorry I have not been able to keep up with you.Problem resolved.A wonderful trip for a wonderful family!
    Loads of love G\R

  • Natalie (Saturday, June 08 13 11:11 pm EDT)

    Vopnis!! Love the Monkey photos! Just like Flat Stanley! Think of you guys all the time and especially last night at the piano recital. We got the front row! We were joking with the Wilson's about
    taking over your spot. Looks like you are having an amazing time. Miss you guys! There is a beige Volvo in town and I still do a double take every time I see it!
    love Nat

  • Taya (Monday, June 03 13 01:45 am EDT)

    Hey my 2nd family i miss you guys like crazy. it was super weird doing the dance recital with out Caitlin.... How are you guys ? It's so weird driving past your old house and not seeing dexter
    playing in the lawn. Well hopefully I will see you guys soon ... Love you guys xo Taya

  • Lizard (Monday, May 20 13 10:04 pm EDT)

    Amazing blogs - all of you! Great to get different perspectives of the same trip. Keep them going, we enjoy them now and you will cherish them forever. Big hugs, continue to travel safe. xox
    PS. Looking forward to some pics....

  • Laurel Russell (Sunday, May 19 13 04:36 am EDT)

    Hello Vopnis!! Caitlin and James, I really enjoyed reading your blogs tonight! You are both so lucky to be seeing all the sights I can only dream about! (I've always wanted to go to Buckingham Palace
    to see the Queen :)
    Safe travels and please keep updating those exciting blogs! Love from Mrs. Russell xo

  • Makenna (Wednesday, May 15 13 11:03 pm EDT)

    Hi its Makenna! I miss you guys alot! Hope youre having a great trip:) I love reading the blogs! byw:*

  • Hui (Tuesday, May 14 13 02:46 pm EDT)

    What wonderful blogs Caitlin and James! So glad that you guys are doing this! It's a once in a lifetime well spent! Great memories to have that will stay with you forever!! How I wish I can do that!!
    Have a wonderful rest of your trip! Keep us posted!! Hugs!! Hui

  • Reed Kelly (Monday, May 13 13 08:23 pm EDT)

    hi james,
    whaz up? hope your having fun...we miss you at school. I am playing soccer with Liam and felix and zack...we are undefeated. Mimi is very sad since you left (by dad) .

  • Gisele Mcdermott (Sunday, May 12 13 02:40 pm EDT)

    I had great pleasure in reading about your adventures and to see that James was truly impressed by the 350 CARROT diamond in London .
    Have you found our old apartment in Paris as well as the kids'school ? We have a photo of Kevin standing in front of the gate to the Parc Monceau where the school still is .
    Your pace is fast but there is so much to see and never enough time right !?
    We are enjoying reading about your trip and will loo forward to the sequel .
    With lots of love
    Aunt Gisèle

  • Julia Greenlaw (Sunday, May 05 13 05:51 pm EDT)

    Sounds like a great trip! We'll be thinking of you all and keep posted.

  • Brad Kramer (Tuesday, April 23 13 12:18 pm EDT)

    Are you going to deprive your wonderful children of seeing the pyramids when you are so close? The Sphinx is calling you Mike!
    Great adventure buddy, have a great time!!

  • The Kaul Family (Sunday, April 21 13 01:11 pm EDT)

    Almost outta here Vops! So excited for you and your amazing adventure!Love the website/blog!

  • paul crawford (Friday, April 19 13 01:27 pm EDT)

    Have an amazing journey and hope our paths may cross again sooner than later.... I look forward to reading about your adventures.... Cheers, Paul Crawford & Julie Fowler

  • Brian McDermott (Tuesday, April 16 13 06:02 pm EDT)

    Hi Trace, Caitlin, James & Mikes,
    I think your website is awsome already and you haven't even started the trip. With this site, we all will feel that we are almost with you (minus the jet lag).
    You are so right to do this trip !!!
    Hugs to all.........e-UncB / e...GruncB

  • Ron L (Wednesday, April 10 13 12:35 pm EDT)

    Nice Page Mike! I'm looking forward to following your blog.

  • Mike Vopni (Monday, March 18 13 11:31 am EDT)

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments and suggestions. We really appreciate it!

  • Lizard (Monday, March 18 13 11:23 am EDT)

    Wow! Just finished browsing your site- amazing work, Mike. Now I'm super duper excited for the trip; it'll be like i an there with you ;-)
    We are off on a relatively small, by comparison, adventure to Costa Rica in May, and I will be using your suggested links to make sure we get the most out of our time there.
    Big hugs and Bon Voyage!!

  • Judy (Sunday, March 17 13 12:32 pm EDT)

    Mike I found a fabulous website for places to stay all over the world There are always great reviews and the prices etc are all over to fit every budget Some have breakfast ndnothers don't
    We have he superb experiences every time we use it! Have a look Just sign up nd you can look all over the world love judyxoxoxo

  • Tony Kaul (Saturday, March 16 13 08:12 pm EDT)

    You Rock Vopni fam! Have a fabulous journey and EXTEND THAT TRIP!!! Very rarely can you take this opportunity so make the most of it! can't wait to follow along on this site!

  • Pauline (Friday, March 15 13 02:27 pm EDT)

    Sounds like a fabulous trip! If you ever need any beta on SE Asia drop me a line...
    Will miss you guys in Revy. xo

  • Mom (Thursday, March 14 13 10:50 pm EDT)

    This is a terrific idea. For sure we can participate in your adventures - alot easier than written journals. But hopefully there will be slew of photos as well!

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