the Vopni family
the Vopni family

In the year 2000 Trace and Mike took off on an incredible journey together spending 10 months in total between, SE Asia, Nepal and Southern Africa.


We have included a collection of emails sent to our friends at home from our last trip in 2000 as well as a few of the photos from the trip. For those who received these before, we hope they bring back some memories as they do for us and for those who did not, we hope you enjoy.


Keep in mind 13 years ago, sending emails home was a lot different from today. Back then we had to search out internet cafes; loud cramped and dingy rooms, some with just one computer and others with banks of them. Today, we plan to update our site from our iPad and MacBook wherever there is WiFi or via the cell networks, tethered to our phones.


Click on the sub-menus to the left to see and learn more about this trip including photo galleries of each country.




Apple apologizes, however the photos cannot be viewed on iPad or iPhones, however they can be viewed on all other Mac Computers. Apple is working on the problem and hope to have a solution soon. ;-)


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