the Vopni family
the Vopni family

May 5, 2013 Vancouver to London England:

Today I watched the movie Jungle Book, Parental Guidance and Sky Fall 007 on the airplane. The airplane was awesome. When I arrived in London I was quite tired. I saw the Great Clock – Big Ben and House of Parliament (HP Sauce), but I was pooped! I almost fell asleep on the bus, but Dad kept me awake. When I got home I crashed.


May 6, 2013 London England:

Today I had a 14-hour sleep, then I had to walk through a tunnel that hobos peed in. Then we went onto a boat and saw the Tower Bridge, London Tower, Big Ben, House of Parliament and the London Eye. When I got off the boat, I saw kids running around in their underpants. I saw one kid who was doing the penguin slide naked down an inch-thick thing of water, beside a walking path! Then I rode a bike and I biked for 7km and it hurt my but because the bike was too big for me. Then I had dinner and fell asleep.


May 7, 2013 London England:

Today we woke up and watched the Royal Guards change at Buckingham Palace. Their hats covered their eyes! Then we went to Daddy’s friends house. They had lots of pictures and sculptures of naked people! Then we went to the Natural History Museum. There was a life-size Blue Whale hanging from the museum roof! After we did that, I went on the London Eye, and then we went back and had dinner and went to bed.


May 8, 2013 London England

Today we saw The Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Camilla and Knights! After that we went to the London Tower. We rented a personal guide-phone. A lot of people got beheaded there. In the Crown Jewells, we saw a 350-carrot nugget diamond and a real jousting stick! They poured hot oil onto their enemies, they had pet ravens and the white tower walls were 4 meters thick.

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